Natural Language Processing: A Trend in Finance Industry

The term “natural language processing” (NLP) can be described as a field that includes artificial intelligence, computer science, and computational linguistics that deal with human-computer interactions. Natural processing of language (NLP) has a significant impact on the financial sector. It is increasingly dependent on data and information to get that edge, and these resources are not just represented by complex, cold numbers but also through texts and words. A vast majority of businesses are adopting machine learning to make better and more accurate judgments. Natural language processing is becoming increasingly…

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How Drones and Robots Are Changing Rescue Operations


The men and women who rush to the scene and rescue lands after disasters are definitely courageous as they take the dangers of placing themselves in danger to help others. At times, technology plays a very prominent part in creating a situation less harmful. More importantly, below are a few examples of how robotics and drones are improving rescue operations. 1. Bringing aid to victims in flooded areas or bodies of water Disasters such as hurricanes and floods may complicate rescue attempts. It is often difficult for rescuers to find…

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What Is 5G Network And What Will It Benefit For You?


“Superfast fifth creation, or 5G, cellular internet providers are already available. You can not get it anywhere yet and handset options remain restricted. But this can change in the coming months, so what difference will 5G make for our own lives? What’s 5G exactly? It is another generation of cellular internet connection and provides much faster data upload and download speeds. Through greater utilization of the radio spectrum, it enables a lot more devices to get the mobile internet in precisely the same moment. What does it empower us to…

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