Damaged Pipe Indicators

Pipes that burst in your home can be caused by various circumstances, including corrosion, freezing temperatures, and aging. Pipes that burst are one of your home’s most serious plumbing issues. It is because they could result in considerable property damage. The damage could require the removal of your home for a time frame until the issue is repaired.

Many pipes get frozen and break in the colder months of the year. If water flows through pipes, they freeze and exert a tremendous load on any metal work that goes into them. As a result, the pipes buckle and break apart.

Identifying Pipe Damage

Sealing your pipes before the cold winter weather sets in is generally recommended. Pay attention to the different indicators of a failing line to be sure you’re safe. In addition to the apparent evidence of considerable flooding, homeowners could be able to spot other signs before significant damage to the water line occurs.

1. Fluctuating Water Pressure

The water pressure in your home could be unstable if one of the pipes inside your home ruptures. There could be problems with the plumbing at your home when you notice that the shower head might at times appear as if very little water is coming out of it, but it’ll then pour water directly into your face.

2. Discolored and Malodorous Water

Other impurities and dirt may get into the water when the pipe bursts into the ground. The busted pipe will begin to rust if it is not discovered eventually. The rust particles will make the water brown. In addition, the rust can create breeding habitat for bacteria that can cause serious health issues.

If the water smells like eggs that have gone rotten, there may be sewage seeping. When hydrogen sulfide, an organic gas, starts to build in sewage systems, it is imperative to contact a plumbing professional immediately. You and your family may have the risk of being exposed to leaks from sewage if they occur.

3. Puddles of Water and Mold Problems

There is also standing water, which signals that the water line has been compromised. There is a possibility of seeing water puddles underneath sinks. Puddles may form after a pipe burst, which causes water to collect in the region where the leak is located. A burst pipe can propagate mold throughout your home because of its excess moisture. Services from a professional restoration company, like PuroClean of Shreveport, must be utilized if you find an abnormally large quantity of mildew or mold, a musty smell, and standing water.

4. High Water Bills

You could have a leaky pipe leaking into the ground or an area of your home if your water usage is suddenly out of control without noticeable adjustments in the amount of water you consume. Even if you don’t see any water leaks, you must still seek a plumber to fix the issue before it causes significant water damage.

5. Water Noise and Water Marks

You likely have a burst pipe if you hear running water from your walls. Wall stains from water could be another indication of a ruptured pipe. The water may leave a stain on the wall behind when the pipe bursts or leaks. Squishy or moist areas in ceilings or walls are other signs to watch out for. Before you have a more serious issue, have a professional look at the problem.

For more info about water damage and property restoration, you can search the web for the websites of the different reputable restoration companies and read on their contents.

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