Five Common Mistakes That Can Reduce Your Pet’s Lifespan

All pet owners want their fur buddies to live long lives, so they do their best to provide them with the best quality foods and shower them daily with love. However, raising happy and healthy pets includes terrific hurdles. Moreover, most pet parents are not that informed about caring for their pets. As we proceed, we’ll discuss the typical mistakes of many pet owners that result in their companions dying earlier.

What Shortens Your Pet’s Life?

While all pet parents wish the best for their beloved furry buddies, some solutions they believe are safe and harmless can, in fact, lessen their pet’s years of existence. Here are five practices that can shorten your pet’s life without you recognizing it.

1. Neglecting their oral health

Periodontitis or gum disease in dogs can impact their health and even result in numerous health problems. The accumulation of bacteria in their mouth can weaken their teeth’s health and may trigger kidney and cardiovascular disease when neglected. Caring for your pet’s dental health is a simple task that can save their teeth and maintain their eating behaviors.

Bringing your canine to a dog dentist in Long Beach for their regular teeth cleaning, providing them with safe chew toys that can get rid of tooth plaque, and brushing their teeth can help maintain their dental and entire health.

2. Feeding them unhealthy table scraps

Many foods are healthy for people but not for pets. There are foods you should never feed to your canines, particularly if it is table scrap and not their typical pet food diet. Human foods that are high in fats and sugar are bad for them. Foods like chocolate, onion, grapes, and garlic must not be fed to dogs as these are harmful even when consumed in small amounts.

3. Skipping annual checkups

While taking your pets to facilities like Spring Animal Hospital for their annual or regular checkups is troublesome, it can help lengthen their lives. Getting your canine examined at least once or twice a year can help save their life. However, even healthy and lively pets still have to see a vet, as you’ll never know if something inside them is brewing.

While there isn’t much you can do when signs of certain illnesses appear on your pet, prompt treatments can help increase their quantity and quality of life. However, this is just possible with annual or regular examinations as vet prescription drugs are the only ones advisable to use for pets.

4. Not preventing parasites

Fleas, ticks, and lice are common parasites that infest most pet canines and felines. Disregarding these pesky critters can cause illness to your pets and even put their life at risk. Sadly, these insects are resilient, and the most available organic or treatment products often can not exterminate them all at once. Ask your vet about the necessary veterinary preventive care and the best product to effectively eliminate these pests.

5. Avoiding sterilization

Not spaying or neutering your dog can put their health at risk. According to studies, sterilizing your pet despite gender can help prevent some cancer types and behavioral problems. Additionally, sterilizing your pet includes many benefits and health advantages you may not even know yet. Taking your furry companion to veterinary surgeons to get the solution done deserves the time and money if you know its benefits and significance to your pet’s life.

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