Five Good Reasons to Spay/Neuter Your Pet

One excellent way to give your new puppies a healthy start is by neutering or spaying them. Moreover, it has been shown by numerous studies that sterilizing a pet comes with many behavioral and health advantages. Furthermore, fixing your pet makes you an accountable owner as this also has great benefits for your pets you will appreciate in the long run. So, why should you sterilize your pet?

Why Sterilize Your Pet?

Many pet parents typically think spaying their female canines or felines will only prevent undesirable pregnancies, or neutering their male pets will prevent them from mating with their female kinds. However, we have collected five more encouraging reasons that will have you sterilize your pet at once.

1. Increases their life expectancy

Most pet owners sterilize their four-legged friends to control the pet population, but new research shows neutering or spaying pets can help them live longer. Professionals say neutered, or spayed pets live happier and healthier lives because of fewer behavioral problems, fewer chances of contracting infections, deadly illnesses, and traumatic causes of death. Sterilizing your pet and routinely taking them to animal centers like San Diego Bay Animal Hospital for their necessary vet care will increase their lifespan and improve their lifestyle.

2. Makes them better behaved

Unfixed dogs or cats commonly mark their territories with smelly urine around a house. However, spayed or neutered felines will become less likely to leap or mount other cats, inanimate objects, or people. In addition, aggressive behaviors might be prevented by sterilizing pets.

3. Reduces exposure to other animals

Unsterilized dogs or cats are vulnerable to experiencing a rush of hormones in their body, resulting in sexual stimulation that may cause them to go after stray or outdoor dogs when they’re in heat. In addition, if your pet goes after other dogs to mate, they are at a higher threat of contracting a common STD in dogs, called Transmissible Venereal Tumor (TVT).

Unsterilized animals frequently chase their fellows to mate, and they are more vulnerable to injuries and fights that commonly lead to bigger consequences. Situations such as this should not be neglected by pet owners. When your pet gets into fights with other canines, it’s important to bring them to an emergency vet center instantly to be examined.

If you’re looking for a facility to take your pet to, you may do a quick search for “emergency animal hospital near me” for specific results.

4. Prevents particular health issues

Sterilizing your pet helps avoid many severe health problems they might encounter ahead. Spaying female canines or felines help avoid uterine and ovarian cancers and even significantly decreases their possibilities of having breast cancer. Neutering male dogs or cats eliminates the chances of getting testicular cancer and prevents prostate illnesses.

In addition, neutering lowers the possibility of contracting hernias and perianal tumors mostly observed in aging and unaltered dogs and decreases hostile behavior, like dog bites. Taking your pets to animal surgeons to be sterilized is a very practical and wise idea as this helps your pet live healthier and saves you a lot of money.

Sterilizing your pet can help avoid the illnesses discussed above, which may be pricey to treat when your pet contracts them. Additionally, you may also bring your furry companion to pet surgeons if there is a need for surgery for ACL in dogs. Dogs usually tear their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) during routine activities, and it happens unexpectedly. You may browse the web on how you can prevent this from happening to your pet.

5. Helps fight overpopulation

Numerous dogs and cats get in shelters each year due to unexpected pet pregnancies. Felines can reproduce 45 times as fast as humans and dogs 15 times. Neutering or spaying your pet dogs or cats can minimize the number of animals that will require shelters yearly.

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