Preventing the Most Frequent Dog Injuries

The value of life cannot be overstated. We are always looking for methods to help us expand and enhance and change life. Not only do pets improve our lives by offering us the company of a pet and affection that’s not conditional, but they also play an essential role in maintaining our health.

Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe From Injuries

Accidents are a sad reality that accompanies living, yet they’re not unavoidable. Even while there is no method to avoid the following injuries entirely – they are an outcome of accidents – there are some things that you can take to lessen the chance that your dog will suffer from these injuries. Here’s a comprehensive list of the most commonly occurring severe injuries unintentionally at Santa Barbara vet that dogs suffer and some preventative measures you may take.

Hit by a Car

It’s difficult to estimate how many dogs are hit by cars each year, but it’s probably thousands. Surviving dogs may have damaged bone, internal bleeding, and soft tissue injuries. Most commonly, injuries occur to the spinal cord and the head. Keep your dog out of street and driveway traffic to avoid automobile strikes. A gated yard or leash can be used. Develop these significant behaviors, or reinforce them through regular dog training. A dog trained well who responds positively to “come” or “heel” has a lower chance of running into the road and getting hit.

Car Crash

Every family enjoys traveling with dogs on the plane, in a vehicle or bicycle, and in a golf cart. Car accidents can injure pets. Even at modest speeds, the crash is very dangerous for the pet (and any passengers). The dog becomes a missile that could injure itself or the other passengers. Before you travel with your dog, make sure that they’re securely confined to a harness, a carrier, or box. Do not allow your pet to ride on your lap or shotgun seat because airbags could hurt or kill them.

Fall From Heights

Because dogs aren’t quite as agile as cats, accidents are common. Falls can result in sprains, fractured bones, brain injuries, soft tissue injuries, etc. Small dogs may be injured by jumping off the bed or couch. Install a baby gate for your pet if he cannot use the stairs because of age or injury. Make sure that elevated decks or porches won’t fall over the railing. Small dogs can get to beds and sofas by using a ramp or steps.

Cruciate Ligament Injury

CCL, as with the ACL in humans, helps stabilize the dog’s knee. A ruptured CCL is a frequent dog injury that may cause discomfort and lameness. The treatment and internal conditions of the dog could cure the problem, but surgery is usually the only permanent option. CCL injuries are commonplace in larger breeds of dogs, such as labradors, golden retrievers, german shepherd canines, and fat inactive dogs. Keep your dog’s weight in check by exercising and eating well.

Veterinarian Visits

These injuries and accidents described above call for a visit to the veterinarian, possibly even at Santa Barbara pet emergency hospital. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, your pet may be suffering because dogs are designed to conceal their discomfort. In the case of the health of the most intimate acquaintances, it’s better to be secure instead of sorry.

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