Smoke Damage: Various Types and Treatment

Damage to your home caused by fumes or smoke is known as smoke damage. Various components can cause smoke damage. All the visible physical and tangible harm can be felt from a single perspective.

In addition, due to the tiny airborne particles that make up smoke, there’s invisible smoke damage. It doesn’t matter if you see the damage; it is smoke damage, and if not correctly repaired, it could cause damage to your home.

Instantly the smoke damage could destroy the integrity of your home, its value, and security. However, each type of smoke damage requires an individual cleaning process. If possible, a reputable company to restore smoke damage can remove all traces of smoke damage from items in your home.

Types of Smoke Damage

There are various kinds and types in the form of damage caused by smoke. The characteristics of the fire can significantly affect the damage caused by smoke to your home. The kind of fuel used to ignite the fire, the material destroyed during the process, and the place of the fire all significantly determine the severity of the smoke damage.

Tenant Smoking Residue

Smoke damage is typically caused by people who smoke. Landlords and contractors often have to deal with the smells caused by cigarettes or marijuana in multi-family structures. Smokers can cause a lot of harm, ranging from offensive odors to severe damage to surfaces.

The kind of smoke damage is usually required to be cleaned thoroughly. A hydroxyl generator must work with an air mover to maintain circulation in the region. Consult a company like PuroClean of Southlake, TX, to get the best service.

Protein Smoke Damage

Kitchen fires often cause protein smoke damage, which is second only to the tenancy smoke. It is due to smoking from food and also sticking to natural or painted wood surfaces, which may permanently cause staining to these surfaces. Visit this link for additional information.

Wet Smoke Damage

A slow-burning, low-temperature fire can occasionally release wet smoke. Because it can be sticky and thick, and stick to any surface and objects, damage from smoke is usually the most challenging kind of damage to get rid of. Wet smoke also has an unpleasant odor, making cleaning more difficult and time-consuming.

Dry Smoke Damage

Dry smoke damage is the reverse of wet smoke damage in high-temperature fires. In contrast to other types of smoke, the damage causes an ideal powder that is easier to get rid of. However, a solid form of smoke damage appears easy to fix if it comes into contact with an object with many pores and gets stuck within the holes of the thing, cleaning it a hassle.

Petroleum Smoke Damage

Damage to the smoke from the product is made of oil and burns. The smoke gets darker and lasts longer, often creating a color on surfaces it comes in contact with. A solution that dissolves grease is an excellent option to remove it.

It’s simple to use a hydroxyl generator to assist in your restoration efforts. Plug it in and attach an air mover when needed, then put it aside to let the machine do its work. The generator will begin immediately and release hydroxyl radicals into the air to break down and destroy the chemical that causes the smell. Look up “Water damage in Southlake, TX” for the best results.

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