Worried About Your Pets Dying Too Early? Here Are Simple Ways to Increase Their Longevity

If you’re a new pet owner who just brought home a new pet, maybe you are not too worried about their life’s duration since they can live anywhere from 10-15 years. While many canine breeds can just live around that range of years, some pet dogs still manage to exist more than that. However, as your furry companion ages, you may need to know how to keep them healthy to increase their years. So now, let us talk about how you can maximize and increase your pet’s life expectancy.

Five Tips to Extend Your Pet’s Lifespan

Dogs live shorter lives than people, and every pet owner knows it. However, simple things can be done to improve their longevity and extend your joyful days with them. Here are five sensible suggestions you can practice to make that possible.

1. Exercise them daily

Diet is not the only aspect that makes dogs stay in tiptop shape, as regular exercises also play a major function in extending their life. And while this significantly benefits your pets, it can help you live longer, too, because you’re exercising them. Furthermore, exercise helps stabilize your pet’s mood and emotions, lowers stress, and increases endorphins.

This helps maintain your pet’s muscle mass, weight, and cardiovascular health. Keeping your canine physically active is good, but don’t overdo it. If you spot unusual problems in your dog after doing exercises, have them checked in an emergency veterinary center to understand what’s disturbing them. If you’re looking for the nearest animal facilities to you, you may browse the web for “veterinary emergency near me” for specific results.

2. Feed them a healthy diet

Our bodies are a temple. What we feed it will get out of it, and the same is applied to our pets and what we feed to them. So when we say a healthy diet, it doesn’t simply focus on one specific food since it should still be balanced. Like people, canines are omnivores too, which means they consume meat, vegetables, and fruits that are harmless to them.

And when we say a well-balanced and healthy diet, it means feeding them pet-friendly healthy foods so they can get all the nutrition they need. Browsing the web about the best appropriate foods for your pet can help you decide what to feed them.

3. Follow your vet’s advice

Even if you think your canine is always healthy and in good condition, you still have to visit facilities like South Salem Animal Hospital for overall checkups and examinations at least once a year. Vet visits must be twice or thrice a year as they enter old age. Pet health checkups help preserve optimal health and pinpoint potential illnesses before they worsen. Regularly practicing preventative care for your pet can allow them to live longer and healthier.

4. Maintain their oral health.

Dental hygiene is typically neglected by a lot of pet parents. Neglected oral health can cause plaque buildup, gingivitis, and periodontal disease, leading to systemic conditions like heart disease and damaged organs in dogs. Maintaining your pet’s oral health is necessary to prevent unanticipated health concerns that may be pricey to treat.

Brushing their teeth daily, giving them dental treats and safe chew toys, and frequently bringing them to a vet dentist for their pet dental care can help keep your canine’s chomper in great shape.

5. Pet-proof your house

Look into every corner of your house and ask yourself if it is a safe place for your furry buddy. Consider the possible methods you think can injure your dog, like something that hangs, topples, sparks, hazardous chewable items, and other factors in your home that can pose a risk to your pet. Regardless of your canine’s wits and age, always pet-proof your home to avoid unexpected accidents that could result in distressing consequences.

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