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Smart lighting costs have come quite away. At $34.99 to get a bunch of four (which turns out to less than $9 each), the Wyze Bulb Color is the most economical smart color bulb we have tested. You’re able to control it in your telephone without a heart, or together with your own voice through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It gives ample smart features for the cost, such as support for custom scenes, device-triggered automation, scheduling, and sleep patterns that assist you slowly end up at night and awaken in the daytime.

Affordable Ambience
The Wyze Bulb Color begins shipping April 2021 at a package of four for $34.99. Wyze states it’s going to provide a two-pack later on, but has not indicated plans to market the bulb independently (or given a cost for the package of 2). The initial Wyze Bulb, which merely generates colors of white, can be obtained separately for $7.99, or in a package of four to $29.99.

On a cost-per-bulb-basis, the Wyze Bulb Color is the most inexpensive model we have tested, although afour-packk of Treat life Smart Wi-Fi LED only costs $1 more. We have not analyzed it yet, however, the newest TP-Link Kasa Smart Light Bulb KL125 (also $34.99 to get a bunch of four) seems to be another powerful alternative; wait for a complete review shortly.

While lots of other bulbs that are smart, including the first Wyze Bulb along with the Kasa Smart KL125, top out in 800 lumens, the Bulb Color gets brighter, with the capacity to put up to 1,100 lumens, or about the equivalent of 75-watt incandescent bulbs. It is also brighter than the Treat life bulb, which extends around 810 lumens (equal to 60 watts).

If you would like to define the disposition (or just use it as a nightlight), you can tune in the bulb to as much as 30 lumens. That is dimmer than the first Wyze Bulb, which extends down to 80 lumens.

It also provides a broader white color temperature range compared to the first Wyze Bulb: 1,800K (heat) to 6,500K (trendy). The first is tunable from 2,700K to 6,500K, therefore the Bulb Color provides even sexier light when put to its lowest temperatures. Nevertheless, the Treat life bulb gives the widest white temperature range, from 1,200K to 9,600K.

Like the first, the Bulb Color comes with an embedded 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio, so it does not need a hub. Additionally, it features Bluetooth, which means that you can still control it with your own mobile phone in the event of an internet outage.

Wyze states the bulb is acceptable for damp places, but should not be directly exposed to the components or used in completely enclosed luminaires. The business also cautions against installing the Bulb Color on a dimmer switch, which also means you need to just dim it out of its companion program (accessible for Android and iOS) or through voice helper.

The Bulb Color provides lots of features for its cheap price, which I will go over in detail later in this review, but it lacks a few you get with more expensive alternatives, such as light effects and power utilization reports. The 25.99 Yeelight Smart LED Bulb provides a flicker effect that imitates a candle along with a Music Flow setting which changes colors depending on the songs you are enjoying, while the 24.99 Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED informs you just how much power it is using.

Installation and Control
The Wyze Bulb Color is Easy to set up and utilize. To start, download the Wyze program and make an account if you don’t already have one. Then tap on the plus sign from the upper left corner of this program, choose Insert Devices > Power & Lighting > Wyze Bulb Color, and then stick to the onscreen instructions. After the program asks for consent to use Bluetooth, pick OK.

After screwing on your new bulb, then it must automatically start pulsing, signaling it is in pairing mode. When it is not, Wyze claims to turn it off and forth on three occasions to manually enable pairing manner.

When the program finds out your bulb (in analyzing this just took a couple of moments), it is possible to give it a title based on where it is plugged in (I went with”desk lamp”), and you are all set.
After setting up one bulb in my desk lamp, I chose to set up another three in my own bedroom ceiling fan for a group. Wyze makes it effortless to prepare multiple bulbs at precisely the same time and permits you to name them separately. Simply plug them in and follow the actions outlined previously. After the app finds multiple bulbs, then it is going to create them up each light in another color.

Subsequently to set them to press the plus sign in the program again, but this time select Add Device Group > Color Bulb Group. Give the group a name (I went with”bedroom ceiling fan”), pick the bulbs that you wish to add, and you should be ready to go. Be aware that you can not set the Bulb Color using the first Wyze Bulb, however, you may establish a device activate to command them collectively (more on this in another section).

Ever since I had the Wyze ability allowed from the Amazon Alexa program from when I analyzed the Wyze Band, the bulbs mechanically connected to the digital assistant with no additional steps on my part. After successfully connecting the bulbs into the Wyze program, a pop-up telling from Alexa advised me that I was able to restrain the Bulb Color with voice commands like”Alexa, turn off table lamp”.

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