Your Checklist: Get Pets Ready for a Trip (Even Cats, Too!)

If you like the outdoors or enjoy high-end vacations, you can find destinations to enjoy with your pets. Many locations are now pet-friendly, and you just inform your hosts. Hotels are now customizing stays for pet owners so both furbaby and fur parents can have the time of their lives.

Whatever type of trip you want, you must get yourself and your pet all set for a good time. Before loading your bags, ensure you put in the time to plan, so read on for some pointers.

Planning for Your Trip

Note down what you want to achieve when planning your trip. Make certain you can put a tick on all the boxes on your checklist.

Look for the Right Location

Pet-friendly venues will often advertise this on their websites. Nevertheless, it is best to call ahead to verify. If you have large pets, make sure you have sufficient area indoors to let them move around and more space outside to get them the exercise they need. A lot of owners of huge breed dogs choose places to go hiking and trekking to sightsee and exhaust their furry companions’ energy.

You should review locations for the cat mommies and daddies before bringing your feline. Your feline pal may not adjust quickly as dogs, so check out if they have toilet access or facilities for the cats or if other animals will exist.

Get the Right Travel Equipment

Make sure your pets will be able to stand and stretch in their crates for long drives or plane trips. Other car trip alternatives to secure pet dogs are harnesses and booster seats that can be buckled up. You may also wish to think about accessories for backseat pups like water-resistant backseat extenders and barriers.

Cats will likely be put in carriers so they can travel in peace with their humans. Providing them with natural sedatives such as catnip and chamomile is also clever. Check with an animal medical hospital regarding sedatives. Make sure carriers are secured with harnesses.

See Your Regular Veterinarian

Be sure you have time to drop by the vet. See your vet for a quick wellness check to prevent any health risks. Vaccines need to be updated to protect your pets from diseases such as rabies, leptospirosis, and parasites. This is needed, especially if you are planning an outdoor adventure. Check for cat vaccinations near me here. The vet might also recommend microchipping if your pets do not have it.

Pets may also need travel health certificates. Your vet can provide this after your pet is declared fit to travel. Remember to get this, specifically if you are going abroad. Some countries may require your pet to be sent to quarantine if you miss any papers such as proof of vaccinations and such.

Locate an Emergency Vet

If possible, ask your regular vet for suggestions or browse the internet for the closest emergency vet in your destination area. Get numbers to call, and if possible, get directions before the journey. Look for emergency vet hospitals that offer first aid and even pet surgeries, so getting your cat fixed during a vacation will be less stressful.

Pack Away

Best make a list so you will not overlook anything. Load your pet essentials carefully, particularly if you are heading to remote areas. You may have difficulty finding supplies at your destination, and this will take away valuable fun time. Here’s a suggested list of things to go into your pet pack:

  • Food and water
  • Toys
  • Carrier and enclosures
  • Medications and vitamins
  • Beds and blankets
  • Identification
  • Litter and litter box for cats

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